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This is just a brief rundown of what has been happening in our crazy world over the past few weeks. It is not complete by any means, and suggestions for future editions are always appreciated. I hope you enjoy, and sorry in advance for the bad puns. Happy reading!

Headline of the Month: “Amal Clooney Shows Off Her Baby Bump at the United Nations” (placed alongside a glamorous photo of her and her husband George)

Um…okay? At first glance, it seems like In Touch or one of your other guilty-pleasure tabloids is reporting on the latest fashion choices of the celebrities we all love to hate and hate to love, right? Not quite. In this scenario, that tabloid is Time magazine, that celebrity is a world-renowned international human rights lawyer, and that trip to NYC was surprisingly not just a chance to show off her stomach. Amal Clooney (née Alamuddin) spoke at the UN to shed light on the horrific crimes against humanity committed by the Islamic State, powerfully calling to action the 193 member states. “Do not let ISIS get away with this genocide,” she urged. Yet, instead of highlighting this important message, Time and many other news sources chose to discuss in great detail her outfit choices and the visible signs of her imminent motherhood. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if her male counterpart was in a similar position, I wouldn’t expect to see headlines reading: “Father-to-be _____ dresses to impress in luxurious tuxedo on latest trip to discuss ethnic cleansing in Myanmar—see his latest looks here!” alongside a picture of him and his wife at a gala. This sexist coverage is not an isolated incident. A quick Google search of the humanitarian activist will reveal that most of her press attention is due to her appearance or to her famous husband, rather than her groundbreaking work against social injustices. Of course, she does not let the gender bias affect her life or the lives of her clients, but this is just another reminder of the concealed sexism that often flies under the radar in 2017 (and on the day after International Women’s Day no less!). That’s exactly why we need vocal #bossladies like us to pave the way to true nondiscrimination. Persist and be strong, my sisters.


Let’s Get Presidential

Our country isn’t going to be the only one with a new commander-in-chief this year. Dr. Trisha Medeiros, Ed.D has been selected as the next president of the Academy, and will be starting this July. “Every single member of our search committee felt that she would be a perfect fit to be our next powerful leader,” remarked a board member and leader of the search committee for the new president. We warmly welcome Dr. Medeiros to the Ursuline community.

We also thank Ms. Cathie Field-Lloyd for her hard work in her ten years as Ursuline’s president. Her unyielding dedication will leave us with beautiful new renovations, and, more importantly, a powerful legacy of female empowerment. You will be missed immensely.


Havin’ a Ball

Congrats are in order for UABB, who won their 3rd straight State Championship in the Finals against Caravel last Friday, 54-32!! We are so proud of you (& very grateful for the dress down days, too).

Another Three-Peat:

  1. Kryshell Gordy ‘17 was selected as the News Journal’s Athlete of the Week.
  2. Alisha Lewis ‘19 was named the DE Basketball Player of the Year and First Team All-State.
  3. Maggie Connolly ‘18 was given the honor of Gatorade Delaware Girls Basketball Player of the Year, and chosen to be First Team All-State alongside Lish.

P.S. To all my Raiders & your March Madness brackets: may the odds be ever in your favor. Like all good things, I wanted to share this extremely informative article with you from the website of statistician/sorcerer Nate Silver. Warning: CUTE ANIMALS.


That Feeling When…

You catch that block on Instagram

CNN, The New York Times, the BBC, and Politico know the feeling. These and several other news outlets were barred from attending a White House press briefing in late February. Though an unheard-of act in modern politics, this comes as little surprise in the midst of claims by President Trump that there is an abundance of “fake news” circulating. In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference, he further reiterated his belief that the media is “the enemy of the American people”. This selective exclusion of press (notably those that have been especially candid in exposing Trump for false statements) raises concern from both sides of the aisle. Ironically, a conservative criticism of this tactic came from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer himself. In a tweet from last December, Spicer said that government is something that “you can’t ban an entity from — Conservative, Liberal, or otherwise.” He then went on to say that this equal access to political proceedings is what distinguishes a democracy from dictatorship. Yup, that happened. On a lighter note, CNN anchor Jake Tapper reported this week that when his young son gets mad at him, he calls him, “Fake news!”


You reluctantly pay that extra $1.75 to feed your guac obsession

You better sit down for this one. In order to pay for the wall he has famously promised along the US border with Mexico, Trump recently suggested instituting a 20% tax on Mexican imports. This comes after the president of our neighbor to the south canceled his meeting with Trump, who began to move forward with plans for constructing the wall and has unwaveringly insisted that Mexico will pay for it. Some Americans are on board, but Mexicans…not so much. The WH Press Secretary tried to walk back Trump’s comments, saying the tax was just one of a few ways the US could maybe find a way to finance the wall. This kind of tariff would cause prices on a variety of goods (your avocados included) to skyrocket, as Mexico is one of our chief trading partners. Overall: Major. Hassle.


You just really “need more space”

It’s your lucky day! In a press release last month, NASA announced that astronomers had discovered seven Earth-sized exoplanets about 40 light-years away. The real momentous finding is that some of these planets could be capable of harboring liquid water. Too soon to tell about the H2O, but this finding is a major step in answering the most pressing question in space exploration: Could there be civilization beyond Earth?


Your friend doesn’t like The Melting Pot

Relevant. In the first months of his presidency, Donald Trump made steps to follow through with his campaign promise to secure U.S. borders, deport people without documentation of citizenship, and amp up counter-terrorism efforts. Recent documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security outline the government’s intentions to encourage ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents to locate, arrest, and deport all undocumented immigrants, not only those with a criminal record (as previously implied). Early in his run for president, Trump also called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”, and began to partially implement this upon his swearing in. In late January, Trump signed an executive order that banned immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. He also said that Syrian refugees would be barred indefinitely. Aside from an outpouring of protests airports detaining refugees and lawful residents, some judges around the country also examined the order and told Trump, “not so fast”. They blocked parts of the ban for violating the Constitution and discriminating on the basis of religion, and later a US District Court Judge paused the ban nationwide. Trump told the judges, “see you in court” (literally) and has changed his tune from earlier statements, now contending that the order is not a “Muslim ban” but rather a plan for extreme vetting of incoming migrants.

The White House’s replacement plan (which was set to go into effect today) cuts out some of the controversial language that got the first version in trouble, such as giving Christians and other members of minority religions priority entry over Muslims. It also removes Iraq as a barred nation, since they’re kind of instrumental in helping destroy ISIS. This revised executive order has received more support than the last, but some politicians and officials are still very concerned that the executive order will not effectively prevent terrorism, and may even worsen the nationalistic tensions that often cause such attacks.

Banning the Ban 2.0 (an update): Last night, a federal judge in Hawaii temporarily blocked the travel ban nationwide just a few hours before it was scheduled to go into action. In an impassioned speech in Nashville, Trump expressed his anger with this “judicial overreach”, saying he was “not thrilled” with the more moderate version of the order and wishes he could revert to the first order and go “all the way” with it. Another federal judge in Maryland went an extra step this morning and specifically stopped the order from prohibiting citizens of the 6 Muslim-majority nations. The Trump administration will appeal the ruling and has vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.


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