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Heartbeat of the Sea

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His voice, a sweet melody to my ears,
A song I could listen to for hours,
Caresses my skin.
He treats me as a goddess adorned in flowers and reverence.
A sigh of content falls from my lips.
His warm kisses breathe life into my immortal soul;
All this without opening my eyes.

When I finally do, everything I am is blessed underneath his deep gaze, like a prayer finally answered.
His eyes hints at universes,
Galaxies that I dream of getting lost in every night.
I look at him and feel how the ocean must feel at the horizon where she meets the night sky.
Moonlit nights meant for searching for the stars in his eyes.

Sunday mornings meant for enjoying his presence.
Orange sunsets meant for studying the lights and darks of his face.
Cool breezes meant for leaning closer into his strong and secure arms.
Budding lifetimes meant for loving him all in body and in spirit.
Me meant for him, him meant for me.

All of these feelings born inside me,
slowly bleeding out as I hand him my heart.
He holds it in his own delicately like a revered flower from an ancient, marble temple.
But there’s no need for that,
Because in his hands it pounds with the rhythmic pulse of the sea.
And with that I am his Sea and Sky,
And he is my Heart.

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The Ursuline Chronicle:The student news magazine of Ursuline Academy
Heartbeat of the Sea