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JunYA year

Valerie Cradler, Staff Writer

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Why Junior Year is NOT the Worst

Junior year, without hesitation, earns itself the titles of “The Worst” or the “Most Stressful” from high school students across the country. While both these terms of “endearment” are flattering only in that they essentially scare scrawny sophomores, my junior year was different. Here’s 10 Reasons to Be Excited for your Junior Year:

  1. The short hallway is packed with your sisters. The spilled secrets (and coffee) are just the beginning of the fun junior year brings.
  2. Snap that picture for your driver’s license and hit the road because you’re officially no longer part of the “I don’t have a ride” team.
  3. SATs and ACTs. The miracle of these 4 hour grueling tests is that you can take them literally as many times as your brain will allow. Don’t stress over your first one, there’s only room for improvement!
  4. Ice Bucket Challenges! Oh wait not everyone does that their junior year…?
  5. Did someone say upperclassmen? The aura is thick and packed with confidence as you’re now just soooo much cooler.
  6. Prom. Don’t be afraid to dance and stop checking the facebook page
  7. You can now use the trendy lingo that is Jun-ya. Emphasis on the YA
  8. APLANG!!! And I’m definitely not just saying this because I’m #teamnewspaper…
  9. The beginning stages of the college process. This daunting task will be less stressful now that you’ve found 9 other parts of Junior year to focus on.
  10. Ending with a vague and corny conclusion just as Nina predicted, junior year is just as fun as you make it. So go to every dance, laugh with your friends, and get to school early to park.   
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JunYA year