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What a treat to be curator to the collection of thoughts and words that are the Chronicle’s dialogue of a school year…. Here are some faves.

“Because Ursuline, I am me. I have grown. I will succeed.”


“The inability to distinguish what is meaningful, true, and pressing from what is a hoax, or misinformation is a problem in our admittedly superficial society- but what about when the media gives us a window into the authentic by reacting to SNL’s abundant roasts and quips?”


Hide and seek?
Don’t think I can’t find you
The smell of your fear leads me straight to you.”


“There is always the light of hope in the darkness, and this hope is not only for our cause, but it is our cause. We, the women, are hope for the future. We must break free of the shadows that have kept us in the dark for so long, so that we may shine our bright lights at once openly and forever.”


“… irony stings, but it proves a point, and one that will certainly not be forgotten.”


“  ‘OH! THANK GOD! Nobody has asked me about my colleges all day! All they ever care about is my well-being. It’s soooo awkward for me. But colleges? Where do I begin?” My heartbeat returns to its normal pace, if not a little faster.”


“Shine on, you crazy diamond! ;o)”

Girl Rising is a powerful movie that is beautifully made, with the perfect balance of the girls stories and cuts in between with shocking facts about women around the world…Thus, giving well deserved light shined upon all their stories and lives. The movie deserves much more praise than it has received…”


People must realize that the problem of their neighbor is also their problem, because the acceptance of basic rights being revoked and entire demographics being marginalized promotes the development of a society that is passive under intimidation and utterly numb to injustice.”


“Our own emotions of stress coincide with the work we must complete, achieve, and excel in. That To-Do list that lingers in our minds unrolls like a scroll at the sound of the six letter word that begins with an ‘s.’”


“However, as I shouted, “Tell me what democracy looks like,” and heard an overwhelming response from a crowd of thousands of people, I found my voice and I helped others find theirs. That is democracy.  And its power is transformative.”

“And don’t get me started on the “Who’s he to judge whether or not someone else is Christian at heart?” It’s the Pope. The “Vicar of Christ” on Earth.”

“Back to back State Champion swimmers? Back to back—to back State Champion ballers? Oh, that’s Ursuline for you!”


“So go to every dance, laugh with your friends, and get to school early to park.”


“Life is finding inspiration in unexpected places. A sign on the street, a look in someone’s eyes, a poster in the doctor’s office, a painting in a museum, a movie that touched your heart, a book that moved you to tears, a poem whose words pierced you like knives, a song that made you want to sing your heart out…”


Have a wonderful summer, dear readers. XO, The Chronicle

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The Ursuline Chronicle:The student news magazine of Ursuline Academy
We have the Best Words…