Annabelle Miller, Senior Writer

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We have all heard about the events occurring in the walls of the Russell Senate Office Building. Misinformation has been spread throughout the media world. Amid all of the swirling stories, here are five facts you should know about the Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.


The Top Five Things You Need to Know 


  1. 1. It is not a trial. It was a hearing. The president first appoints a candidate when there is an opening in the Supreme Court. To become a judge in the Supreme Court, the Senate must approve the nominee by conducting a hearing to further examine the candidate. The candidate is not on trial; the candidate is being interviewed for his new job. Whether this particular hearing regarding Brett Kavanaugh has turned into a sort trial is up for debate. He is refuting the claim that he sexually assaulted one of his classmates, Christine Blasey Ford, in high school.  
  2. The Senate Judiciary Committee gave both witnesses a chance to testify. Dr. Ford was given an opportunity to detail her claim. Judge Kavanaugh was allowed to refute these claims.
  3. Amid new evidence and witnesses, voting is postponed until this Friday due to an additional one week long FBI investigation into the sexual assault allegations. 
  4. There are three accusers that have all claimed they had been sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh. Only Christine Blasey Ford has testified against Kavanaugh about being assaulted during a high school party. The second accuser said that Kavanaugh exposed himself to her while they were attending Yale. The third accuser claimed he was a bystander while she was gang-raped, and he did not do anything to prevent the rape. 
  5. Judge Kavanaugh has claimed innocence, and his main defense against the accusation of Dr. Ford centers around calendars he kept of his activities in the summer of 1982.
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