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Food For Thought…Pumpkin Spice Edition

Corrine Furey, Staff Writer

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Corinne Furey

If you’re like some, you may or may not purchase mass quantities of pumpkin-flavored items each fall in order to savor the flavor throughout the less impressive seasons of the year. If you’re like most, you stick to the basic pumpkin-spice lattes from Starbucks, the occasional pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, or if you’re as adventurous as junior, Carol Knight, a healthy pumpkin cookie. (Stay tuned for more of Carol’s latest kitchen successes). If you’re like me, you’ve forced yourself to join the pumpkin bandwagon. Through repeated taste testings, I’ve slowly converted myself over a long 16 years to a pumpkin fan. So, as your newest pumpkin-loving, fall-obsessed, article-writing Ursuline sister, I’ve decided to brighten your lives and bless this newspaper with the ultimate fall flavored must-have foods. Whether you’re a die-hard pumpkin fan or convert like me, this list is for you.

As a big fan of the insta-food community, this item has SPAMMED my stream of stories and feed with hundreds of mentions. Needless to say, we Ursuline girls must try ASAP.


VIRTUALLY RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU ARE A HUGE FAN OF THE LOW CAL, SUPER GOOD ICE CREAM TREATS! Ok, sorry. Yes I’m a big fan of this new craze. No, I have not tried this flavor. Maybe I just ordered seven pints on Amazon Prime. For those of you not so into this semblance of ice cream, good ole Talenti has a Caramel Apple Pie version. *Insert heart eyes*






Ugh, am I a bad fake-blogger to say I haven’t tried this item either? Is it enough to say I googled“pumpkin spice cheerios review” and read one review? I think yes. Note to self: Christopher C. says 5 bowls in a row is not a good idea.

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Not to be biased, but here goes nothing. Why the unsolicited opinion, Corinne? Because these are my all-time favorite bars. With only 3 egg whites, 6 almonds, 4 cashews, 2 dates, pumpkin, cinnamon, and “No Bad Stuff”, it’s hard to beat an RXBAR as a healthy fall snack. This pumpkin flavor gets an A+ from me.






Two words: Okay Slay. Jif peanut butter – a classic. You can’t deny the tremendous impact this brand has made on your life. Adding maple flavor can only make peanut butter more memorable, right?






Pretty sure this is as good as it gets in the pumpkin-loving world.

1. 8 Simple, Healthy-ish Ingredients

2. Gluten Free (!!!! @EmmaPopham )


4. 6g of sugar and 4g of protein per serving (that means the whole thing, right?)

When heated in the toaster or microwave, these pop-tarts trigger Thanksgiving feels with every bite. I wouldn’t be surprised if these became a new Schneider Snack in Room 4.



Finally, these pumpkin spice treats are sure to satisfy a lifetime of cravings. Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness find immediate comfort with these calorie-free wafers. Life as an Ursuline girl suddenly extends far beyond the classroom and straight into the kitchen. Ursuline cafeteria, any chance for a new menu addition? *Picture creds to Ms. Waldron on this one*

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Food For Thought…Pumpkin Spice Edition