Avery Laur, Senior Contributor- La Passarelle

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my heart is a zoo.

it holds back the clouded cosmos
of my love for you, swirling stars
and technicolor planets being
tethered together on a psychedelic
you can feel it, can’t you?
you can feel the rumbling of
the city-life in my heartbeat.
i know you can; how else would you
be able to paint a picture of
neon signs in the middle
of a winter storm at exactly 2:31 am.
so do it again, baby.
take another sip from the fountain of
lust and watch as an angel comes
down from the heaven and kisses
your nose, telling you, “you can only
go so far til you collapse.”
do you understand now?
we can only love Time so much til
she begins to rust and break apart,
leaving vultures to feed on the
dreams flowing from her veins.
but i promise that i’ll never stop
loving you, even when
the stars start wishing on us
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