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Horoscopes For The Month of October

Libra: It’s time for a fresh start. October is Libra season and so focusing on yourself this month is be a good start to achieving your goals. This is also a good time for overcoming obstacles and fears that you are currently facing. Peace and harmony are coming your way.


Scorpio: You may be feeling energetic and assertive, but make sure to avoid conflict. This month will be a time of heightened alertness for you so focusing on your work would be a good way to use this quick thinking. Before November you may experience an unexpected change.


Sagittarius: October is a month of enthusiasm for you. You are filled with creativity and self confidence. Use this courage to overcome any obstacles you may be facing. Focus on the big picture and make sure to stay positive.


Capricorn: You may feel as though you are being tested this month, but keep working hard. Opportunities will arise for you this month so keep an eye open. This month is a good time for self-discovery and for experiencing revelations.

Aquarius: Enjoy yourself and relax this month. Balance and inner calmness are the theme of October for Aquarius. Make sure to put effort into achieving your goals and communicate with others.


Pisces: October is a time of bliss and enjoyment. Make sure to live in the present and don’t be afraid to express yourself. You may meet new people and gain more freedom.


Aries: October is a month of self reflection. Take a step back and look a situations from a more broad view. Get a handle on your goals and make sure you know how you want to proceed.


Taurus: Don’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way this month. Remain confident and do not rush any decisions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and seek advice.

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Gemini: This will be a very productive month for you. You will have a more focused mind so it will be  a good time to get going on any large-scale plans. October bring new opportunities and good judgment so use those to your advantage.

Cancer: There is a lot of pressure to prove yourself to others, but don’t worry about it and just be confident. October will bring a sense of balance and a newfound “go with the flow” type of attitude.

Leo: You will feel enthusiastic about reaching your goals this month. Enjoy time with friends and family and keep a positive attitude. Make sure to not get frustrated and choose your battles.


Virgo: You will experience a transition this month so make sure to stay positive and keep in mind what’s important. There will be some new and exciting things coming your way.

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