Teacher Spotlight: Dr. Wilcox

Katie Jones, Staff Writer

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Teacher Spotlight with Dr. Wilcox

Why did you become a teacher?

I was in college and originally my major was in baking and pastry arts at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island.  I realized that this was not the career path for me.  I was looking down the list of majors that my college offered and I saw physics education.  That major really intrigued me so I changed my major to physics education.


Why did you choose Ursuline?

My wife had recently gotten a job in the Wilmington area and I was also looking for a teaching job.  I saw that Ursuline was looking for a new physics teacher so I went for the interview and they ended up hiring me.  Ursuline seemed exciting to me, and I was looking forward to teaching there.”


Favorite moment at Ursuline so far?

My favorite moment so far was on the first day of school for the seniors and the freshmen.  The seniors started to sing insieme.  I liked the obvious enthusiasm the girls had while singing the song and I liked the meaning of the lyrics.    


Any Ursuline traditions that you are looking forward to?

I am excited for the future flag football tournaments and attending volleyball games.


What is your favorite topic in physics to teach?

My favorite physics topic to teach is circuits because it is simple and it has many unique ways to use the rules. I enjoy solving circuit problems.


How are you adjusting to being a teacher?

Better than I thought I would be doing.  I was worried I would be overwhelmed with planning aspect, but I am doing good!


Do want to be involved in any Ursuline sports?

I want to be an assistant soccer coach.





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