Seniors not feeling so #blessed

Class of 2019, Guest contributor

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Don’t get us wrong; we are thankful for so many blessings. Our families, our school, our friends, the roofs over our heads, the food on the table…

But the horn of plenty we are grateful for this Thanksgiving comes with a bit of a twist for high school seniors. Fielding the million questions about college that none of us can really answer…from all the relatives…has us feeling like, well, turkeys. That along with the typical Thanksgiving pitfalls gives rise to our latest listicle. We present:

A few reasons seniors not feeling so #thankful @Thanksgiving

Thank you family, for asking me where
I’m going to college 3 million times.
I will pretend it is not crushing my soul…because I have no idea.








On the verge of stress tears over thirty more supplements, but smiling through it

Mom yelling at you to get out of the kitchen, then saying “I’m the only one that does anything around here.”



You’re a legal adult sitting at the kids’ table.









When you have to restart the potatoes 

“Have you heard from any colleges yet?” #gotmelike






Me after saying I was going to eat a reasonable amount this year #eatingmyfeelings

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