Midterm Elections

Carly Palkon, Senior writer/editor

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Election Results: Midterms 2018: Dems Take House, Republicans Keep Control of Senate

Wilmington, DE

In one of the most important midterm elections in recent political history, Democrats regain control of the House while Republicans cement their majority in the Senate.

The Democratic Party won 239 seats in the House, up 39 seats from the 2016 congressional elections. In the House alone, 100 women were elected, setting a new record for the amount of women elected to the House. Analysis from the Washington Post states that location, gender, and education level were some of the most important contributing factors for the Democratic majority. In particular, suburban voters elected Democratic candidates much more than Republican candidates in all regions except for the South. Youth voters also had a big impact on Democratic elections, with 18-29 year olds turning to Democratic candidates 2x more than Republican candidates.

The Republican majority in the Senate was maintained to the large numbers of Republcian Senators who were not up for re-election. 42 Republican Senators were not up for re-election compared to the 23 Democratic Senators up for re-election. In order to maintain a 50-50, Democrats were required to win back 27 seats, including the 5 that were considered to be toss-ups. At the time of writing, the Republican Party gained a minor majority in the Senate, with 52 of the seats. A runoff election for s senate seat in Mississippi will take place Tuesday.


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