Poor Seniors

Abigail Rupert, Senior writer

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It has been exactly 64 days since my initiation into the Senior Class. It has taken my fellow Seniors and I exactly 63 ½ days to realize that the promised Glory and Gold – to follow our abundance of God – is a complete and utter lie. In other words, it doesn’t exist. There is no Glory in Seniority, and certainly an absence of Gold, as most parents would attest. The Senior Class receives no respect, no priority, no consideration, and most inconceivably… no parking. What’s worse, is the complete and utter equality we are subjected to. Actively, Seniors – on top of classes, college apps, and Netflix- are tasked with fighting this disturbance in the universe’s natural order. Seniors are not meant to be treated like Freshman, Juniors, or – God forbid- Sophomores. For the last 3 years, the Senior class has actively procrastinated, complained, and sauntered in hopes of earning their day in the sun, only to receive hurricane season.     
To begin, it is time to call out the elephant in the room (or lounge). It is abundantly clear that the Senior Lounge is merely an extension of the faculty lounge. Their implemented rules and regulations debilitate our ability to function as supreme beings that exude authority. Let’s face it… Seniors are cooler than everyone, and thrive off their ability to express this inherit trait. The lounge has played as a pawn in a greater scheme to limit the divine right of our class.

Teachers and faculty act as dictators who enforce heinous and ridiculous rules. They do not ask, but tell the Senior class that the lounge must be light… citing safety as just cause for their impediment. However, it is in the darkness our species is the most productive… and safe. The bags that are strewn across the floor, the wires camouflaged in the carpet, the open drink containers that laiden the broken coffee tables, all lay dormant in the dark. The ability to see these hidden pieces is what gives them the power to trip, spill, and tourment the Seniors. “Let there be light”, acts as an misused proverb in the basement of the Academy. The problem lies in the level playing field that lights represent. The control of lighting may extend to the Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors, but Seniors are different. They are cooler. They are better. They deserve darker… than their subordinates.

The abuse of power only begins with the imposed sterile ambiance of the lounge. Authority over volume within the confines of Room 0 act as another abuse of authority. Music is told to be kept at a “low volume” as not to “disturb other classes” that “may be taking tests”. It is this “noise” that keeps the bourgeoisie of the school sane… the Seniors stable.  School is meant to be a place of study, academics, and learning according to the powers at hand. However, studies have reinforced the hypothesis that music helps students concentrate. It’s a fact. Seniors are courteous enough to play their ballads at a volume that extends to all. That is – all classes, all Delawareans, all Americans, and all of the bottom half of Canada. The Academy’s motto is Serviam after all. What the hierarchy of faculty seem to neglect is that the creativity in our choice of charity only strengthens our motto (even if sometimes masked by explicit content). Let’s face it, loud music never killed anyone. At least it hasn’t been proven. Which is evidence enough for the Senior class whose motto continues to be “It is better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

The truth of the matter is that all rules for Seniors in regards to the lounge are unfounded. Given a room, and no rights – it calls to question the real intent of our overseers. Do they really mean to elevate our class to it’s deserved pedestal, or are they just subjugating us to a life of equality, safety, maturity, thoughtfulness, and autonomy? Think about it.

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