Christmas Around the World

Clara Korley

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Christmas is a very special holiday. People in places all over celebrate it. While it isn’t a worldwide holiday it’s range is very impressive.

In Austria, Christmas can be a bit more serious. People in Austria tell their children that if they aren’t good then Krampus will pay them a visit. Krampus is a scary creature that kidnaps bad children. He has horns, hooves, a long tongue, and fur covering his body. Austria has some traditions similar to the US. They put up trees and decorate them with tree candles.

On Christmas Eve in Guatemala, families stay up until midnight to light fireworks and celebrate Jesus’s birth. Prayers are also said around the tree.Presents are then opened after midnight.

In Ghana, Christmas celebrations span from December 20th and all the way to the first week of January. On Christmas Eve the people of Ghana have church service that involves dancing and drums. Often, children put on plays and choirs sing while the people dance. Other times, Christmas Eve is celebrated with parties, and fireworks. On Christmas day people dress in traditional clothing to go to church. When church services are finished, people hurry home to open gifts. Some of the foods eaten during this time are fufu, okra soup, and porridge.

Venezuelans have some of the same traditions as we do. In Venezuela, they have trees but they are mostly artificial. On December 4th, Santa Barbara day is celebrated and on December 6th is the Epiphany ( the day of the Three Kings). People go to Midnight Mass and other services before and on Christmas. In the capital of Venezuela the roads are closed for those who roller skate to services. Foods eaten in Venezuela during Christmas time consist of meat and veggies wrapped in maize. A puff pastry with ham, raisins, bacon, and olives are another popular food eaten around this time called Pan de Jamon. Presents are opened at midnight and brought by St. Nicholas and Baby Jesus.

The one thing that all of these places have in common is that they all decorate and celebrate this wonderful time of year. Christmas is the time to spend with your families no matter where you are in the world. Christmas celebrations all have the same idea while being different and interesting. All of these places have different foods traditions and decorating styles, making each one of them unique.  


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