Middle School Players Show a lot of Heart

Gabby Ciotti and Amelia Jensen

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SWISH! Another shot made by the seventh and eighth basketball team.  It was an early morning at the Ursuline Academy gym for the C team’s first game. The Ursuline Raiders were warming up for their game against IHM. Tweet Tweet! the sound of whistle started the game.

It was a hard fought game, but the Ursuline Raiders were defeated.  The final score was 38-7. Although the team lost, there were many small victories.  Some highlights of the game included Julia Terzaghi winning the tip-off, Grace Burns scoring 2 points, Julia Terzaghi scoring 2 points, Sarah Whalen making a free throw, Karina scoring 2 points, and Julia Mesa rebounding the ball.  

Grace’s father, Mr. Burns, said, “It was a tough outcome, but the team showed a lot of heart and never gave up.”  

A couple of the players also commented on the outcome of the game and how the team could improve.  Julia T. said, “We could pass the ball better and get more aggressive.”

Grace Burns said, “We could pass the ball better.”

Although everyone agreed that the team could have played better, they also agreed that they tried hard.  There will be many opportunities for them to improve the future.


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