Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Yeager

Katie Jones, Staff Writer

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Teacher Spotlight with Mrs. Yeager

Why did you become a teacher?

When I was a kid I always played teacher with friends, also my father was teacher took me to class room and I really enjoyed it.  I always liked school and math.  I made up my mind in 4thgrade that I wanted to be a high school math teacher


Why did you choose Ursuline?

I had previously retired from my other teaching job and I put in an application to work at some other schools.  I taught a mini lesson during my interview and really like UA.  I really liked the family like atmosphere at UA and the comradery that the girls had between each other.



Favorite moment at Ursuline so far?

My favorite moment in general is when we gather together to celebrate various things.  I love the enthusiasm and how we all support each other.  I love how we all join together in times of joy and sadness.”



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