We Watched It For You…….See IT

Audrey Pachuta, Associate Writer

It Chapter Two from Warner Bros Studios was released in theaters September 6th and there has since been a lot of controversy on fan receptions of the film. The plot of this sequel takes place twenty seven years after the plot of the first movie, similar to the conclusion of the original novel. It includes the same dynamically inclined characters present in the previous movie as they journey into their normal careers and adult lives. Suddenly after a recent murder, the group of friends are called back to their hometown of Derry, Maine to investigate and fulfill a promise they made to each other in 1989. Originally they thought they were coming together to reminisce and catch up, but it quickly became apparent that they had a bigger purpose to conquer. Returning to their hometown made the characters realize that they  forced themselves to forget the horrifying events that happened in their childhood. Unlike past adaptations of the book, this movie was full of jump scares which many people say were unnecessary for the storyline. Although it is clearly a horror film, most people found that it was inessential to frighten the audience at some points and would have been better simply to build character and action. All in all, I would definitely recommend seeing It Chapter 2 as part of your ‘spooky season’ this year.