Impeachment Inquiry

Molly Clark, Senior Writer

Impeachment? What’s next?

On September 25, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, announced that the House of Representatives will proceed with Impeachment Inquiries. But what does this mean?? Well, there is now an official investigation into President Trump’s relationship with Ukrainian officials. Maybe you are happy about this or maybe you are super sad, either way don’t get ahead of yourself. These proceedings are going to take a while! After the investigations are completed by the House of Representatives they will have to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to continue proceedings. Then, if the House impeaches, the Senate will have a trial to decide whether Trump will be acquitted or convicted. Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has said he will have no choice but to take up the charges if the House impeaches, but will have control over scope and length of Senate trial. To be removed from office, the Senate must vote with a ⅔ majority. With a majority Republican Senate, it is definitely unknown what the result will be. Public opinion may figure prominently, as senators will look at the facts but also the mood of their constituents. As witnesses continue to give depositions about asking Ukraine to  

investigate Joe and Hunter Biden, public opinion has shifted fairly quickly. See Fox News polling for one sample. (story here)

Average polls here.


So… do you think that Trump will be convicted or acquitted?