Hello Ms. Safaee!

Sophia Shroyer, Associate Writer

For the Ursuline Chronicle, I decided to interview Ms. Safaee: the previous long term sub for Mrs. Nardo in biology and is now the upper school chemistry teacher!


  • Where did you grow up?


    •  “I grew up in a few places but I spent my formative years in San Diego, CA did the majority of my schooling in Delaware.”


  • Where did you go to college and what did you study


      • “ I went to Virginia Wesleyan College (now Virginia Wesleyan University) and my major was Chemistry.”


  • Do you have a favorite professional sports team?


    • “I do not really follow many sports team but growing up and living in this area will always prompt me cheer for the Eagles.”


  • What is your favorite thing about Ursuline Academy?


    • “My students!!! I love my Chemistry and Leadership students, as well as the amazing students in Undefined.”


  • I know you worked here as a long term sub, what made you want to come back? 


    • “I was really excited about having my Biology students again for another year. I know you all well and thought it would be wonderful to be able to spend a full year together. I was also excited about furthering my professional skill set by adding on an additional content area. I have taught biology at the college and high school level, as well middle science. I have even taught Botany, so I am happy to have Chemistry as another content area under my belt.”


  • Do you like Chemistry or Biology more?


    • “That is a hard question. My first degree is in Chemistry and my second degree is Biochemistry. I began teaching Biology and have also fallen in love with the content of Biology curriculum. So, it’s hard to choose and I would have to say I love both subjects.”


  • What made you want to become a class moderator?


    • “I was asked by Mrs. Neill to be the class moderator of the Sophomores. Because the Sophomores are the students I had last year and again this year, it seemed like a natural fit.”


  • Do you have any different strategies of teaching from being a long term sub to a full time teacher position?           


    • “No. I approached my courses last year as a full-time teacher. I created my own assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. I designed and prepped laboratory experiments as well. So, the only thing that has changed since last fall and now is that I am teaching Chemistry instead of Biology.  Whether temporary or permanent, the way I approach education is the same.”


  • Who is your favorite pop culture artist?


    • “It is hard for me to choose just one favorite but Lizzo, Post Malone, Demi Lovato, and 80’s hits are on current rotation.”


  • What do you look forward to most this year? 


      • “I think the “aha!” moments are my favorite. I am excited about connecting ideas we talked about together last year with the new content of Chemistry. I am also hoping to incorporate my engineering and innovation content to our curriculum, so I look forward to some interesting projects and design challenges.”


  • Is there anything else you want people to know about you?


      •  “I think people know that I am passionate about my students, but I am also passionate about keeping the wonder and excitement of science alive in my students.”


  • What is the coolest place you have been?


    • “To be honest, I am a huge kid at heart. Despite the fact that I have been abroad and visited some great countries, my favorite place in the entire world is Disney!”