Hello Ms. Jaeske!

Carissa Bolinski, Associate Writer

I sat down with one of the newest additions to our staff, Ms. Jaeski, to find out a little bit more about her background and what brought her to Ursuline Academy. 

Originally, Ms. Jaeski is from North Eastern Philadelphia, where she grew up with her parents and her younger sister. Ever since she was little, she knew she wanted to be a teacher, but it wasn’t until her senior year of high school that she decided social studies was the subject she would pursue. In her own words, “I think I fell in love with history because of the teachers I had in school. It was so interesting to me because they made history come to life, and I learned how many different interpretations of history there are. My favorite thing about history is also how we can relate it back to current events.” So, Ms. Jaeski then went on to attend Millersville University of Pennsylvania studying social studies. Following her college education, she began teaching in 2015, first in a co-ed public school in North Carolina. In Ms. Jaeski’s own words, the school was very under resourced, and was in an area with a large presence of teenage pregnancy, gangs, drugs, etc.. The school was barely functioning, but she stayed working there for three years, just because she loved the kids so much. “I doubled as the kids’ therapist often, and because there were so many challenges in their personal life, it gave me good experience with learning how to understand and take into account children’s emotional health when attempting to give them a proper education.” However, after three years, Ms. Jaeski missed her home town of Philly and her family too much, so decided she would try to find a job back home. And that is exactly how she ended up working at Salesianum last year. She then applied to UA for the upcoming school year, and was overjoyed when she got accepted. However coming from teaching at an all boys school to an all girls school comes with its differences. “The biggest difference is that the girls are slightly more engaged and are more open when it comes to the discussions. It makes class more lively, and with the boys I would generally have to be a little more strict.” Overall, Ms. Jaeski is happy to be working at Ursuline and wants the students to know that they can come to her with any problems they have and that she is always someone you can talk to.

Outside of school, Ms. Jaeski also has some fun hobbies. Her favorite show to binge watch on Netflix is The Office, and she is devastated that they will be removing it soon. She also enjoys The Good Place and The Great British Baking Show. Ms. Jaeski has also recently gotten back into competitive swimming at her local high school, as she had previously swam for 15 years of her life. She is also beginning to step back into kickboxing after her foot surgery last year. Ms. Jaeski also considers herself a huge political nerd, and is excited to be teaching AP Government. Any other time, you can catch her at Ocean City, New Jersey enjoying the beach or watching an Eagles game during football season. Overall, Ms. Jaeski is so happy to be at Ursuline and we welcome her with open arms!