Bright Star

Bridget Peach, Associate Writer

Bright Star 


Do you keep hearing southern accents in the auditorium? Keep catching the “theatre kids” hum the same bluegrass tunes over and over? Or maybe you’ve even seen the cast dancing on stage for hours after the school day has ended? It’s because of the Ursuline fall musical!

Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s Bright Star is a musical of love, hope, and redemption based on a true story in North Carolina in the 1920’s and 1940’s. Bright Star tells the story of a woman named Alice Murphy who has been shaped by the events of her past. Flashing back to her younger days in the 1920’s, we see Alice fall in love with the mayor’s son, Jimmy Ray. Alice and Jimmy Ray love each other, but their society is not accepting of their feelings and lands them in more trouble than you can imagine. When we flash forward to the 1940’s, a young aspiring writer named Billy Cane leaves his hometown and travels to Asheville to pursue his career in writing. He leaves his childhood friend, Margo, behind, and heads into the big city. Margo’s tune “Asheville” will have you thinking about that boy you’ve been in love with since the first day of freshman year. Songs like “She’s Gone” and “I Had A Vision” will  tug at your heartstrings, while songs including  “Whoa, Mama” and “Another Round” will have you dancing in your seats.


Ursuline Academy is the first place that Bright Star will be performed in all of Delaware, so get ready for a plot twist that you’ve probably never heard of before.


Rehearsals for Bright Star began in early June, and since then the cast has been hard at work memorizing lines and music, learning blocking for scenes, and practicing choreography every week. With just days before opening night, the cast is rehearsing to put on the best show possible for everyone who comes. Thanks to Maggie Lober, Izzy Coupe, Mr. Lober, and Mr. Coupe, who spent time this summer working on building the new extension for the stage! You may have seen it while walking through the auditorium; this extension provides lots of extra space for many of the dance numbers and different scenes.


Every Tuesday before the show and the Friday of opening night, cast members will be wearing their Bright Star sweatshirts/t-shirts. If you have any questions about the show or tickets, feel free to ask anyone wearing their gear about the show or buying tickets. Additionally, there will be a $2 dress down day on Thursday, October 10, to support the production costs. Please participate—the cast thanks you!


After all their hard work, the cast cannot wait to put on an amazing performance for you! Come see the performances on Friday, October 25 at 7PM, Saturday, October 26 at 2PM & 7PM, and Sunday, October 27 at 2PM!


Alice Murphy: Cat Enslen ’21 (Friday @ 7, Saturday @ 2), Ellen Schlecht ’20 (Saturday @ 7, Sunday @ 2)

Jimmy Ray: Braedon Carney ‘20

Billy Cane: Jack Krukiel ‘21

Margo Crawford: Bridget Lugg ‘22

Mayor Dobbs: Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy ‘20

Darla Ames: Maggie Lober ‘22

Lucy Grant: Bridget Peach ‘21

Daddy Cane: Michael Ignudo ‘21

Mama Murphy: Briarra Barnes ‘21

Daddy Murphy: Carmen Rafalli ‘21

Stanford: Zoe Scibicki ‘22

Dr. Norquist: Zacari Gilliard ‘23

Max: Will Louden ‘22

Edna: Madison Kerley ‘21

Florence: Katie Carrig ‘20

Clerk: Izzy Coupe ‘22


Ava Medeiros ‘22

Ryan Spartin ‘22

Grace Carrig ‘23

Kiley Williams ‘23

Caroline Manley ‘23


Fran Tusso ‘22

Sarah Freville ‘24