Interview: Mr. Krow

Emma Raftovich, Staff Writer

We’ve all seen him. Walking down the halls, hands usually full of those important 10-page lesson packets. The iconic Mr. Krow. But other than the occasional “what’s up” or “hey (insert nickname he gives you)”, who is this new addition to the fabulous Ursuline faculty? Well, here is the interview you’ve all been waiting for.

I found him in his classroom, grading some recent quizzes. We quickly dove right into conversation. He decided to come to good ol’ Delaware because his family lives right outside Philly and wanted to be close to them, and he thought Ursuline would be a good fit. Mr. Krow has been teaching for a whopping 26 years, and during those years he has taught a range of celebrities’ children. Not to mention he tutored THE Tom Holland, who some of you drool over. His favorite place he has ever lived and taught at is New York City, specifically Manhattan. He said the city has “lots of energy.”

As many of you know, or maybe even have heard through the walls, Mr. Krow is a HUGE fan of music. “City and Colour” is his favorite because of the lyrics, and he says the artist is great to listen to. He has attended almost 200 concerts, but unfortunately will not be visiting any of us at Firefly because he is “too old for festivals.” But, he did say that if City and Colour were there, he would go to see him and ONLY him.

I asked Mr. Krow what his favorite food was, and he replied, “Well, the way I look at it is one food you could eat every night the rest of your life?” His answer: fried chicken or a cheap Chinese place. Not a sit-down, nice Chinese restaurant, but one of those sketchy but good places you might find in the mall.

Along with the ever-important question of his favorite food, I asked him where he wants to travel to. Mr. Krow caught me by surprise by telling me he’s been to multiple different countries, including Bali. He really wants to visit Scandinavia for a couple of weeks this summer! My final question to Mr. Krow was what his biggest goal in life is. He wants to finish his career feeling like he impacted students who are now successful in life.  *awww*

I unfortunately did not take an interview selfie with Mr. Krow, but I did learn some pretty interesting things about him and I’m glad I could share them with you!