10 things every girl needs for Christmas

Amelia Cradler & Molly Clark, author

Christmas guide 2019: All the Christmas needs of an Ursuline girl..

  1. The Comfy: to take a nap wherever you choose

2. Glossier Lip Balm: to make it look like your constantly licking your lips







3. Urban Outfitters Scrunchies: to pretend like your in 80s when there wasn’t climate change.








4. Airpods: what’s the purpose of wires on earbuds?

5. Pony: no Christmas list is complete without one

6. Firefly tickets: Where else would you want to be in June, but somewhere with showers and a place with sweaty dehydrated people

7.  Flannel Sheets: to match your christmas pjs

8. Toys: to play around with in class until they are taken away

9. 72 pack of squirmals: for company when your friend isn’t avaliable









10. Tik tok famous: every Ursuline’s girls dream