TikTok Takes Over

There’s never a day that goes by without seeing a girl making a Tik Tok. Here’s the latest on Ursuline Academy Tik Toking…

Amelia Cradler, author

Tik Tok has recently taken over the academy this year. Walking into the atrium and seeing girls making Tik Toks has been an occurrence on several occasions this year. Every Ursuline girls dream is to be Tik Tok famous, but no girls have come close to achieving this dream. We are all spending our frees copying Charlie D’melio trying to perfect the new dances.Everyone knows in December, Ursuline couldn’t wait to go home on break to watch Tik Toks for hours on end, then spend the rest of their time learning, perfecting, and filming the dances they see all over the app. However, we still cannot manage to get on the For You Page. But, keep Tik Toking; one of us is bound to get famous sometime.