COVID-19 Complicates the College Search Process

Izzy Coupe, Staff Writer

The COVID virus outbreak in the U.S over the past year has proven to affect millions of Americans, from politicians to just average people, it has greatly changed lives all over the country. However, one group of people that COVID has affected greatly is the classes of 2022 at Ursuline Academy. Applying and looking at colleges is difficult enough with sports and homework, but COVID makes the college process only more stressful and difficult for our Ursuline sisters. This view has been expressed by many students in the junior class, including junior Brighid Deely. “I think applying and looking at college is way different and adds more stress on students this year because of COVID.” Brighid states. “Since we are not able to go to a lot of in-person tours at the colleges we look at, it makes it harder to find the place that makes us feel at home to live for the next 4 years.” Due to many colleges not being open to students interested in their school, nearly every college in America is doing virtual tours instead of in-person tours. While students can still look at colleges, they can’t fully experience what a college may be like and may feel conflicted on where they may want to apply. Another issue that has arisen with the COVID virus and college is the SAT and ACT, and how many universities are allowing students the choice to submit their SAT and ACT scores in their application or to not. Other juniors expressed their frustration with how COVID has affected their junior year of high school, including Aiden Lewis who explained “It’s a good thing to be preparing right now for colleges and the SATs but who knows if we can even take them this year. But preparing for college right now is super fun but super stressful at the same time.” Although the COVID virus has greatly affected the junior class, that is still not stopping them from making the most of this year by having fun at sporting events and working hard to prepare for college.