Restrictions are a Game Changer

Grace Clayton, Staff Writer

I virtually interviewed (by sending out a Google form) to some of the UA sports players about their opinion on the COVID-19 restrictions while playing their fall sport. Many of the volleyball players, including Trisha Holden (9), Ella Wicks(9), and Ava Panuto(10) talked about how wearing a mask is hard to do while playing a sport because it makes it hard to breathe, and it gets sweaty. Ava also mentioned that missing out on all the pregame rituals is one of the hard parts about playing volleyball during the pandemic. Similar to the volleyball players, Kama Taniform(9), Grace Sill(9), and Ryleigh Finn(10) talked about how when playing field hockey it gets hard to breathe when you are wearing a mask, however, they all appreciate how it is keeping people safe. Ryleigh also mentioned that not having spectators to cheer you on is upsetting. Loghan Dougherty(9) from the cross country team also mentioned that running while wearing your mask is very difficult, and it is hard to socially distance when the team is usually close to each other.