I Got Bangs So You Don’t Have To

Olivia Hanson, Staff Writer

For a very long time, I have had the same haircut- straight and just past my shoulders. Recently, I have been considering getting it shorter and getting bangs. I did some research on what would look the best for my face, but I was still unsure if I would actually do it. I asked my friends what they thought and they helped me pick out different hairstyles. I was still stuck between getting bangs and not getting them. By the end of the week, I made my decision and chose to get bangs. I was still nervous that I was making the wrong choice, but I wanted to follow my original choice and do it anyway. When I got to the hair salon, I was even more nervous because it was really happening. I got my hair cut and everything was fine, but then it was time for the final cut. As soon as she cut the bangs, I felt instant regret. Although it felt good to change up my hair, I thought of how much of a commitment this decision was. My hair dresser dried my hair, and I actually did not mind how it looked. I went home and felt better about my new haircut. The next day, I woke up and remembered what happened. I looked at them again and felt the same regret. It really began to hit me and I realized how long it would take to grow my hair back out. For now, I am going to try and make the best out of this decision. My advice to anyone who is considering getting bangs is to do some research, make sure that this is the right haircut for you, and remember that it is a long-term commitment.