Silver Lining: A Poem

Natalie Johnson, Staff Writer

Silver Lining By Natalie Johnson

Around the corner comes Thanksgiving (9)

I’ve had some time to reflect. (7)

What was truly good this year? (7)

After all, 2020 was a wreck. (10)


First, there was the virus, (6)

I couldn’t see my friends, (6)

Nor my family, I couldn’t swim, (8)

And I’m worried school will end. (7)


The murder hornets came to town, (8)

There were the fires in the West, (8)

Is the election even over? (9)

This whole year has been a mess. (7)


Even through all of this rain, (7)

There is a little hope, (6)

That tomorrow will be brighter (8)

So we must not sit and mope. (7)


Because even though this year was bad (9)

It didn’t teach us nothing (7)

We learned that life is short (6)

And to every day, do something. (8)


2020 reminded us (8)

That some things just don’t matter. (7)

We learned to find the little things (8)

To make the world a little better. (9)


As the holiday rolls around (8)

Sit and take a minute (6)

Decide what is important (7)

Do all you can to cherish it. (8)

We can all agree that this year wasn’t the best. Between COVID-19, the wildfires, and the election to name a few, there were a lot of things to be stressed and angry and scared about. I want to remind everyone that even though it looks really bad, because it is, I’m not going to downplay that; but to always find the silver lining, look to the bright side. As awful as this year was, we all definitely learned something. For me, I learned to cherish what I have: to hug my family and friends a little tighter, because who knows when I’d get to hug them again; to go that extra mile in the pool because I might not be back tomorrow. I learned to appreciate others more, because especially now people are just trying to make life a little better, a little easier. I learned to find the silver lining, and I hope you all can too. Happy Thanksgiving.