National Art Honors Society – A Club for the Creative

2019 NAHS members doing arts and crafts with members of Ingleside Assisted Living.

2019 NAHS members doing arts and crafts with members of Ingleside Assisted Living.

Evelyn Parsonage, Staff Writer

Making the world a more beautiful place through art is the goal of the National Art Honors Society.  Comprising high school students with a 3.0 or higher grade point average, NAHS works towards this goal through service projects and art projects.  Yes, NAHS students receive special recognition at graduation, but Mrs. Erin McNichol – the club’s advisor – wants to remind you that “we are so much more than just girls with cords.”

Twins Isabella and Ava Lindia, juniors at Ursuline, are Co-Presidents of the Lumen Chapter of the NAHS. They came to Ursuline as freshmen and are thankful for the advanced art options Ursuline has to offer.  As freshmen they took Intro to Drawing, as sophomores they took Pre-AP Art, and now – as juniors – they are taking AP Art.  As the only students in Pre-AP Art last year, they became very close with Mrs. Erin McNichol, their teacher.  Ava says, “[it] felt like a private art lesson every class.”  Ava and Isabella were introduced to NAHS by Mrs. Erin McNichol during this class; they developed a great passion for the club and were able to become the leaders this year.  

The Lumen Chapter – Ursuline Academy Wilmington Chapter – of the National Art Honors began in the 1970s.  Mrs. Erin McNichol began as the Middle and Upper School art teacher in 2006.  She immediately took the position of club advisor for NAHS.  Her role is to support the club in any way that she can.  Mrs. Erin McNichol likes the club to be student-led, “[she] has every confidence in the leadership and is excited to see what this chapter will do.”

The year 2020 has been full of obstacles that students have been learning to handle.  Ava does not want this to set the club back.  Isabella and Ava’s goal for the 2020-2021 NAHS is to accomplish just as much as previous years have.  Since COVID-19 limits the NAHS’s ability to help outside communities in person, they will focus on more individualized art projects and service projects that better the Ursuline community directly.  

“Through NAHS we have recognition, we are not just making crafts we are using creativity and our artistic skills to better the community,” says Ava.  This club spotlights Ursuline arts.  Sports have games or matches, theater has the play, visual art students and creative students have National Art Honors Society.  Art is applied to everyday life through NAHS, this club has many opportunities for creative minds to make the community a better place.