Ways to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving


Evelyn Parsonage, Staff Writer

This year’s Thanksgiving will be anything but normal.  Traditional celebrations would increase the risk of spreading COVID-19 so people are creating new ways to celebrate the holiday.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the safest thing to do this year is to stay home.  If you do plan on traveling outside of your house, remember to wear a mask and wear it properly, stay at least two arms lengths away from others, and wash your hands often!  


Not being able to see loved ones this holiday season makes us feel sad, but there are alternative, non-traditional ways to celebrate Thanksgiving this year as seen in the CDC article, “Celebrating Thanksgiving.”  Celebrate the holiday with a limited amount of guests and keep the group outdoors.  Have your guests provide their own food, beverages, and utensils and make sure you disinfect shared surfaces often.  Hold a zoom Thanksgiving!  Virtually connect with you friends and family to “share” a meal.  Spend the special day with the people you live with.  Watch sporting events and Thanksgiving events or find a game to play.  Get a head start on your holiday shopping by taking advantage of online Black Friday deals!  Participate in the main Thanksgiving activity, and cook a feast!  Make sure to safely prepare the food so you can deliver the extras to others sans contact.  Remember the most important part of Thanksgiving is giving thanks.  Take time to write down what you are grateful for and tell loved ones how much you appreciate them.


Photo credit: CDC