Which UA Classroom is the Best?

Zoë Skibicki, Staff Writer

We all have that one classroom that we can’t help but groan before entering. It may be your favorite teacher, or your favorite subject. But that doesn’t matter. Because every day, without fail, it is the hottest classroom in the building. Or the longest walk. Or the smallest room. Whichever it is, you are automatically in a bad mood. I am here to figure out which classroom that is, or rather, which one it isn’t. Today, I will decide which Ursuline Academy classroom is objectively better than the rest. I will be deciding this by using the best method known to man – a single teenager’s personal opinion. This will not be at all based on teachers, their subjects, or their decor. Each classroom in the basement, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor of the main building, and the 3rd floor of the SLC (all classrooms on the 2nd floor of the SLC will be excluded due to having specific purposes) will get a rating from 1-10 based on how well they perform in each of the following variables:


  1. Classroom’s temperature
  2. Classroom’s vicinity to the general school population
  3. Classroom’s size
  4. Classroom’s lighting


First, let’s start off with the temperature of the classroom. I will admit that I would much rather be cold than hot. That being said… I can say with confidence that one of the worst offenders in this category is the 2nd floor. You have physics, and you forgot your crewneck? Good luck. I’m going to give the whole 2nd floor a 2/10. Why not a 1/10 you ask? Because I already have a special place in my heart for the lowest scoring rooms in this category. That goes specifically to Mr. Frazier and Mrs. Yeager’s classrooms. The scorching temperatures in these rooms are extremely distracting, and make math even harder than it already is. Next, we have the 1st floor. I will give all of the 1st floor a 4/10, except for Ms. Churay’s/Ms. Davis’s room, which I will give a 3/10 for the finicky air conditioning. Since I’ve vented (vented… get it? …nevermind) long enough, I will make these next ones quick. Every other classroom in the basement will get a 4/10, 3rd floor gets a 7/10, and the SLC 3rd floor gets a 10/10. The SLC sweeping victory in this category is because I have never thought about the temperature when I was in those classrooms. In my opinion, that is when you know a room is at a perfect temperature.


Second, the vicinity of the classroom to the general school population. Think. It’s last period, and all you want to do is go home and eat those crackers in your pantry. But no. You have to hike all the way up to the third floor. And then (god forbid) you leave your notebook in your locker. You have to go all the way- well, you know the drill. It’s exhausting. That’s why I give the 3rd floor a 1/10. The SLC 3rd floor is slightly better, because you don’t have to go up as many stairs, but I still give it a 2/10. The 2nd floor gets a 5/10, being only a little bit of a pain. The 1st floor gets a 9/10, because it is easily accessible. And the winner of this category is the basement! The basement could really use this comeback after its disgraceful performance in the last category. The basement’s location near the entrance of the school, the lockers, and the rest of the classrooms are what gave classrooms in the basement a 10/10 in this category. 


Next, we have size of the classroom. For this category, I am going to make a bit of a controversial argument. Yes, obviously the 2nd floor classrooms are the biggest (math is hard but I’m not that bad at it). However my hesitation to put the science classrooms at the front of this category is due to the fact that the other half of the classroom is barely used! I remember in biology class, always being squished right next to my classmates. I am going to give the win in this category to the spanish room on the 3rd floor, with a 10/10. Not only is it large, it uses the entirety of the space regularly. Ms. Ferentez’s room, being slightly smaller, gets an 9/10. It would be ignorant of me to rank anything else above the 2nd floor, so I will give the chemistry room an 8/10 (being slightly larger), and the rest an 7/10. Almost every other classroom (ones in the basement, 1st and 2nd floor, and 3rd floor of the SLC) get a 4/10. They are fine, unless you have a big class- in that case, have fun. And with a 1/10, we have any classroom that Chen has ever taught in (sorry Chen!).


Our final category is the lighting of the classroom. The losers of this category are clearly Mr. Frazier, Ms. Yeager, Ms. Syliva’s room with a 1/10. With nothing but the grim hue of the fluorescent lights on the concrete bricks, these classrooms can’t help but give off some dungeon vibes. The rest of the basement gets a 2/10. Almost as bad, we have the 2nd floor. The lighting is great in these rooms! The windows let the perfect amount of sun. However the perfect lighting comes at a price. The sounds of Pennsylvania Avenue. We can’t get through a single physics problem without one of the following occurring: a.Some sort of siren goes off b.Some motorcyclist or owner of a fancy car wants to alert the world that their engine can make an obnoxious noise c.Some motorcyclist or owner of a fancy car wants to alert the world that they have terrible music taste. For these reasons, I give the 2nd floor a 4/10. Next, we have the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor gets a lot of sun. Arguably too much sun. If you have a class there in the morning, make sure you bring your glasses. Because with the sun shining directly onto Mrs. Ferentez’s white board, notes are going to be very difficult. I give the 3rd floor classrooms a 5/10. Coming in at 2nd place, we have the 3rd floor SLC with an 8/10. The windows are a little small, but at least they aren’t loud, and don’t blind you. This leaves the 1st floor, which takes this category by storm. Plenty of sun with no downsides (and windows that open!) the 1st floor easily gets a 10/10. My only exception to this Ms. Jaeske’s room, because, similar to the 2nd floor, it’s location near Pennsylvania Avenue makes it easy to hear all of the sounds mentioned above. I will give Ms. Jaeske’s room a 9/10, because the sound is nowhere near as bad as the second floor.


After 10 minutes of basic math on my iPhone 7, the results are finally in: 


Mr. McGivney’s Room is the winner, with 28 points! Even though Room 14 isn’t the biggest classroom, it easily makes up for it by having great temperatures, lighting, and location! Room 14, perhaps an underdog when faced against the shiny new SLC, managed to get 4 more points then any of the SLC classrooms, gaining the upper hand in location. 


Ms. Churay/Ms. Davis’s room and Ms. Jaeske’s room were very close runner-ups, with 27 points. 


Mr. Frazier and Ms. Yeager’s rooms were tied for last place, with 16 points. Even though these rooms got a 10 for location, their high temperatures and poor lighting were their ultimate downfall. 


Of course, these are just the ramblings of one student. We may never know which classroom is truly the best. One thing’s for sure though: it’s not any of the ones in the basement.