10 Ways You KNOW you attend Ursuline Academy

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Each school is unique in their own special way, but I believe that UA is in a class all its own. If you don’t go to UA, I hope this list provides you with some insight on why it is the best place a girl could spend her four years. If you do go to UA, I hope you realize how lucky you are…

  1. Pasta Wednesdays: some people associate Wednesdays with “hump day” or with wearing pink but for us it only means one thing: pasta bar Wednesday. On the occasion that the cafeteria decides to spice things up and serve Mac & Cheese the entire school goes into crisis mode.
  2. Global Exchange: Did you really go to UA if you didn’t hear an announcement about hosting a student (or 2) from a various country every day of the week?
  3. Serviam: Though the majority of the student body takes Spanish or French, we all have learned one Latin word in our 4 years at UA- Serviam. And whether or not we liked it, we all completed 80 hours of service, making Ms. Kane-Smith proud.
  4. Parking: Most schools provided a parking lot to hold the many cars of their many students. Unfortunately at UA, situated in the city where space is at a premium, that is not the case, so we in turn battle each other for the last spot on Franklin every morning (the lucky few that can’t find a spot get to park in the sacred faculty lot for the day)
  5. Uniform: Though being in uniform is stressed every day, you will always find that students constantly look for new and inventive ways of “enhancing it,” wearing sweats under their kilts, sweatshirts over their polos, or pink soled sneakers yet avoiding detentions like it is our job.
  6. Catholic Schools Week/ St Angela Day: At UA, we take spirit weeks and “founders” days to a whole new level, creating the best week of the year. Whether it’s salad dressing day or senior skits, you can guarantee we will pull out all the stops.
  7. Pep Rallies & Games: you can be assured that a pep rally/ game won’t go by without a few pies in the face, balloons being popped, faces being painted, stop signs being stolen, and voices being lost from too much yelling. #doitforthejug
  8. Mass: to some, the idea of mass at school may not sound exciting, but when Mr. Amos whips out the bongos or when Father Kevin gets Sr. Betty to sing “Girl on Fire,” you can understand why we don’t mind it a bit.
  9. Staircases: No matter how many times a day, week, or year we all make the tortuous trek up to the third floor (or lets be honest, even the second floor) our calves will never not burn, and we will never not be out of breath. Here’s hoping it’ll get easier one day.
  10. Sisterhood: Even if this were the only thing that you get out of your time at UA, you would be the luckiest girl in the world. UA is a special place because not only does it provide you with an education and good values, but it also provides you with the greatest thing ever- sisters. You will create bonds with people that can never be broken, memories that will always be cherished, and relationships that will last a lifetime. That is the most special part of UA- enjoy every second of it.