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Sketch Artist

January 12, 2019

Take a look! These are the sketches Lucy Madden made of the characters from The Outsiders as the 7th grade prepared their novel projects. This brings a whole new meaning to character sketch! ...

The Most Meaningful Gift

Clara Korley

January 9, 2019

I was eight years old when I first came up with the idea to write a letter to my grandfather. He had died when I was about four. I had been thinking about it for some time that day. I remember asking my mom about writing a letter...

Ursuline Girls Celebrate

Sarah Villaverde

January 8, 2019

All around Ursuline Academy’s middle school, students are preparing for Christmas.  People are exchanging gifts, singing carols, baking treats, and decorating their homes in anticipation of the big day. Sixth grader, Tyler Plumsky-Adams, explains how she celebra...

Deck the Halls

Lucy Madden

January 8, 2019

It’s Christmas time at Ursuline Academy and that means it’s time for the Advisory Door Decorating! Each year the whole middle school body is split up into advisories and competes in different challenges to get points. Door decorating is a favorite among students. The advisories bring in the own ...

Middle School Players Show a lot of Heart

Gabby Ciotti and Amelia Jensen

January 8, 2019

SWISH! Another shot made by the seventh and eighth basketball team.  It was an early morning at the Ursuline Academy gym for the C team’s first game. The Ursuline Raiders were warming up for their game against IHM. Tweet Tweet! the sound of whistle started the game. It was a hard fought game, ...

Christmas Around the World

Clara Korley

January 8, 2019

Christmas is a very special holiday. People in places all over celebrate it. While it isn’t a worldwide holiday it’s range is very impressive. In Austria, Christmas can be a bit more serious. People in Austria tell their chil...

Welcome to the UA MS newsletter

December 20, 2018

Welcome! Enjoy reading the inaugural issue of The Raider Reader!

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